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CBD 101: What is CBD

CBD is one of many powerful cannabinoids derived from the hemp. It has been used for healing and wellness purposes for thousands of years. It is known for supporting our body & mind in many wonderful ways.

Learn about its origin, benefits and more.


Why Vibes Organics?


The CBD Softgels are amazing! It helps with my anxiety. Took 2 capsules and I already don't feel the need to take the anxiety pills my doctor prescribed me!

Michelle C

I've been having crazy dreams and shallow sleep lately so I decided to give the 1350mg CBD oil a try. I fell asleep almost instantly and literally had the best sleep of my life

Ada P

I've been taking the CBD Softgels the past few nights. Helps me to fall asleep so much faster as I usually have a hard time to fall asleep. The capsules are so small so they are easy to swallow too. Love it!

Stanley Kwan

I usually get really bad cramps during that time of the month. But since I started taking the lemon oil in 1350mg two months ago, it really helps to relief my cramps and lower back aches! Will def repurchase this from Vibes.

Jasmine K

I have never used CBD oils before trying Vibes. I had no idea what to expect and was slightly skeptical to be honest. So far I have been pleasantly surprised to enjoy the calming and relaxing effects of taking a dose of CBD oil. I found it helps to relieve the stress of the day in the evening and also enable a long deep sleep which is something I struggle with.

Rupert H

Loving the gummies so far - strawberry flavor is very delicious! I like taking it throughout the day especially at work. Help me to feel more focused and calmer afterwards.

Katherine W