Strengthen your immune system with CBD oil

Research has shown that cannabis oil containing CBD can strengthen and reinforce the immune system, making humans resistant to disease, as it helps improve the body’s natural defense system. There is evidence that CBD can help our immune system’s protection by restoring balance through the stimulation of our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS).


What is ECS?

The ECS consists of a group of neuromodulating lipids and receptors in the brain, which are involved in the physiological regulation of appetite, pain, mood and memory.


The immune system and its importance for our health

Our body’s immune system protects us against the viruses and bacteria that attack it and make us sick. While our immune system consists of natural bacteria itself, the system as a whole works hard to keep all external threats away that could potentially harm our body.  

A healthy immune system comes from a healthy and balanced diet. Regular exercise is also an important aspect of maintaining a strong immune system, because exercise increases the production of white blood cells, T cells, B cells all of which are essential parts of the immune system.



The importance of mental health and sleep

To keep our immune system strong, it is important to cater to our mental health. A good state of mental health can counter the effect of stress from our surroundings. Many people nowadays experience stress on a regular basis. Moreover, poor diet and lack of exercise have a negative effect on our mental well-being as well.

One way of managing stress and improving our mental health is countered through sleep. A rested body is much more capable of dealing with day-to-day life than a stressed body, because the body processes information from the day and recharges for the day to come during sleep. In fact, the quality of our sleep is amongst one of the most important factors of a well-functioning body and mind.



CBD can help improve the body’s balance

At Vibes Organics, we believe that a balanced body leads to a balanced mind. This is because a balanced body enables the immune system and all its functions to be at their best, which leads to a positive effect on our mood and mental health.

Medical research supports the idea that high levels of CBD can have a positive impact on our health through its ability to bring peace to the body and thereby achieve a good night’s sleep.

Our ECS is a system that works best when in balance. It influences the regulation of our mood, appetite, pain perception and many other physiological functions that affect our daily lives. The ECS is stimulated and strengthened by cannabis oil, because the cannabinoids in cannabis matches the endocannabinoids in our ECS. When the ECS is stressed or imbalanced, CBD oil can help to rebalance this system and bring about peace, strength and relief.

This is one the many reasons why CBD is trending and is becoming a natural alternative to many of the OTC and prescription medicines that are prescribed to people with stress or other mental health issues.

Our Premium Organic CBD Oil (Lemon Bliss and Fresh Mint) comes in two strength options –

900mg is our mid-strength tincture, best for reducing anxiety and maintaining your everyday wellness

1350mg is perfect for helping you wind down at the end of each day and provide you with a sense of calmness. Suitable for experienced CBD users

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